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About/Bio: Jeanetta Chrystie

"Writing to Encourage and Inspire"
Dr. Jeanetta Chrystie is a freelance writer, poet, speaker; and a university professor.

Author's Background

In her early teens, Jeanetta wrote to express events and feelings in her life through poetry, essays, and children's stories. Her experiences with polio as an infant and throat cancer while a Kindergarten teacher, led her to further develop her writing skills to encourage and inspire others who are struggling. "We need to appreciate life, laugh often, and reach out to help one another."

Writing Interests

"I believe it is important to develop my speaking and writing abilities in a variety of genre to better reach a variety of people." Jeanetta uses poetry, journaling, essays, nonfiction articles, humor, and children's fiction writing to share her three primary messages: the need to care for our spiritual condition, the importance of positive personal relationships, and the healing power of humor.


Jeanetta served as a columnist for the Northwest Christian Examiner newspaper for five and one-half years.

During a twenty-five-year career, her other publishing credits include:

  • More than 800 magazine and newsletter articles, including: Discipleship Journal, Christian History, Clubhouse, Church Libraries, and others
  • More than 140 newspaper columns for the Northwest Christian Examiner/Times/Journal
  • Various book and booklet contributions including NCWA's "The Write Start" published in 2004
  • Two college textbooks
  • More than 50 singly-published poems
  • More than 100 devotions
  • Several web sites

Speaking Experience

Jeanetta speaks at conferences, women's retreats, and in churches in KS, MO, NM, OR, and WA. As a Toastmasters-trained speaker, she earned an ATM-Gold standing, her club's Speaker of the Year award in 2000, and her club's Toastmaster of the Year Awards in both 1998 and 1999. She enjoys people and is naturally at ease with an audience.

She speaks to church, business, and community groups on topics such as: Helping Friends In Times of Traumatic Illness, Handling Stress, Reaching Your Goals, Developing Your Quiet Time, Self-Esteem and the Christian, The Art of Hospitality, Developing Your Prayer Life, and Time Management. For an additional list of topics for writers’ conferences, see the Writing Workshops page.

Teaching Writing Classes & Workshops Experience

Jeanetta has taught courses in Seattle area community colleges on Article Writing, Poetry, and Web Page Design. She offers a variety of workshops at writing conferences, including: Writing Devotions, Interview Techniques, Secrets of Internet Research, Journalistic Writing, Writing Query Letters, Performing Poetry, Writing Non-fiction Articles, and others.

“Best decision I made all day, to attend Jeanetta Chrystie's writing workshop. It was very informative, interesting, and inspiring!” - B. Berry, Kirkland, WA.

Jeanetta currently teaches online Business Management courses at Southwest Minnesota State University, Leadership and Research courses at Judson University, Elgin, IL, and is a distance learning Trustee at Rockbridge Seminary.


Jeanetta received Toastmaster of the Year in 1998 & 1999. She had 1st place poems at the 1998 Glorieta Christian Writer's Conference & the 1998 Writer's Weekend at the Beach. Other awards: Lamplighters Christian Writer's 1st place for her children's story The Magical Yellow Bird and 2nd place for Honey's Surprise, 2nd place nonfiction article for Laugh At Gray Skies: Using Journaling to Heal.


Jeanetta currently serves as President of the Ozarks Chapter of American Christian Writers (www.OzarksACW.org) which has grown from 7 to 53 members since its founding in 2007. She is also a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, Heart of American Christian Writers Network, Springfield Writers’ Guild, Poets & Friends, Ozarks Romance Authors, International Webmasters Association, and Toastmasters International. Jeanetta has served the Kirkland Eclectics chapter of Toastmasters International as VP Public Relations and Newsletter Editor. She has also been on the board of both Northwest Christian Writers Association and Eastside Writers. She served Pacific Northwest Writers Conference as the 1998 Poetry Category Contest Chair and was a regular contest reader while living in the Seattle area, 1996-2004.

May your day be richly blessed -
with productivity and rest. ~ Jeanetta

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