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Welcome to the Web Site of Jeanetta Chrystie, Ph.D.

Welcome to my Web Site... I'm glad you decided to visit!
Come on in. Kick your shoes off, grab a hot mug of Earl Grey tea and your favorite chocolate.
Explore at your leisure. You will find a variety of information about my writing and speaking, plus how-to freebies from a few of my writing workshops, and inspirational links. Roam around.
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Plan a speaking engagement.
* Order a specially written poem--commissioned by you for someone you love or to celebrate a special occasion.
* Schedule a writer's workshop.
* Check out a few samples of my online workshop handouts.
* Read excerpts from my books, articles, and poetry.
* Schedule a luncheon talk or evening keynote.
* Browse an extensive collection of quotations in Jeanetta's Click Quotes.
* Submit your web site for potential inclusion in my Links page.
* Did I mention you can schedule me to speak at seminars, retreats, luncheons, weekend retreats, banquets, couple's events, writer's conferences, women's events, motivational business events, holiday events, speakers' conferences, and beginning of the year goal-setting meetings...?
* Share my web site address with a friend.
* Add my writing projects and speaking engagements to your prayer list.
* Plan to return -- I'll look forward to your next visit!

May your day be richly blessed with productivity and rest. ~ Jeanetta


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