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"As a pastor, I saw in Jeanetta that having a strong voice for God has nothing to do with vocal chords. Jeanetta speaks truth in ways you can remember it." - B. Laver, Myrtle Point, Oregon

"Best decision I made all day, to attend Jeanetta Chrystie's writer's workshop. Very informative, interesting and inspiring!" - B. Berry, Kirkland, WA

Dear Jeanetta,

I am so glad to have "bumped" into you at the conference last Saturday. Happy to get an opportunity to express my appreciation in person for the class "Personality Keys In Writing," you taught last spring.

Looking forward to putting down in writing a personal evaluation and some of the experiences I have encountered since taking your workshop, I am equally excited to know you want me to share them.

Before I recap some of what I shared with you at the OCW conference, I must relay the fact that I have been attending these one-day conferences since 1986, as well as attending a summer conference, and feel qualified to say that, to date, yours has been one of the most encouraging writers' classes I have taken.

Being fairly new to this craft, and frankly one I have never thought I would enter into, learning this profession has been comparable to being dropped into a foreign and scary world. One that I would of certainly removed myself long ago, if it weren't for God's grace and the assurance, lacing the road with encouragment when I think I might of taken a wrong turn. Your class was one of them.

(Although, I should of had a clue from the start. I was reminded of such, when I went looking for the literature you handed out, when I also came across the papers from your morning presentation. Re-reading some of what you wrote as well as some of my many notes and comments that filled the margins, I remember gleaning inspiration with your quotes like, "Write your plans in pencil and give God the eraser," and bonding with the truth that "God teaches us through our writing." I was buoyed with hope even before I walked into your classroom! Uplifted by your evident passion for Jesus, our Lord.)

Still, the class took me unawares. I hadn't detected from the short course synopsis that you were basing your insights from a Keirsey/Meyer's Temperments. A class I was required to take at work more than a decade ago. ... Another bonus was [my class] also included a placement "test," and book "Please Understand Me." Taken with learning about different personalities, I read that book cover to cover after the class, and enjoyed learning about myself and others. But, over time I forgot completely about the advantages unitl your class brought it close to home.

From the start, even though your overview was general, what you presented went beyond Keirsey or Meyers, mainly by putting those patterns in the reach of our present reality of what it is like to live the writer's life. Especially when you used the white board and divided into segments aspects, what each individual personality would process: rejection, or success, or research, or due dates, or critiquing, and even conferences, and the benefits were immediate.

Having the advantage of viewing others from the back row, I don't know if you noticed, but you had everyone's participation--even the quiet ones. I believe it was because you were able to personally identify with and related to each person in the room by what you were stating. Even after the class was dismissed people lingered to talk about what they learned. In fact, the person next to me announced his discovery by exclaiming, "No wonder my wife does that!"

And it didn't stop there. For the rest of the day, I heard snipets of conversations of the class they "missed", to little quizzes of those who took it to those who didn't, and plenty of positive feedback from those who took the workshop as well. Giving even me more to wonder upon the truth of both commonality and differences of all God creatures, great and small.

Excited to share this new found information, I then made copies of your class hand-outs, plus excerpts of the morning sessions, and shared with my then critique group. Along with a short, verbal summary, helping them with quick assessments of suspected identities, they soon saw the benefits to such information for not only their writing life, but an aid to bring life to their fictional characters as well.

Though currently far from being establishing, I find rest knowing I am exactly where I need to be, and am hopeful that in writing this evaluation, I can recycle some of that encouragment back to you. I have no doubt it would be benefical to others if it were offered, or even the longer version, again. [I] was paying attention!

Love and blessings,
Nina Noble

When I first attended a conference for the Oregon Association of Christian Writers, I felt overwhelmed by the exceptional talent of the many writers who were there. As a speaker at the conference and author, Dr. Jeanetta Chrystie combined articulate delivery with sincere eagerness to encourage those she taught. I felt privileged to have one-on-one coaching time with her. Even though I had only begun to seek publication of my writing, she helped me believe that I was not on the outside, looking in; she imparted a sense of belonging and of expectation for my future as a writer.

Jeanetta Chrystie captured what it means to minister with relevance when she said, "Ministry is when your heart's greatest joy meets the world's deepest needs." God used her to meet the need of my world as she encouraged me to pursue writing and to even dare to believe God wants to use me to impact others.

Nora Peacock
October 2002
Beaverton, OR 97008

"Pray for me. I'm praying for you." ~ Jeanetta

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